Schooling, Education and the shaping of an identity

This is an unplugged conversation with a learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad. These series of conversations usually start with a word chosen by the “interviewer” and then move on from there in the directions the learner chooses. We end whenever and wherever. We start with the word “identity” for this conversation with an aim…


Author: Harshada, Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad  All living things get information from the outside world.  This information is received through sense receptors. Humans have five sense receptors that include vision, smell, taste, touch,  and hearing. Let us look at the touch receptors.  Human bodies are covered with skin tissue. Our skin receptors send…


From the  kindergarten of The integral School, Hyderabad.

Why do we ask you to sleep?

As facilitators in a learning space, we advise parents to see that their children get enough sleep. We recommend the need for a rhythm to sleep (and wake up) and discuss some aspects that may interfere or make the difference between a good sleep and a disturbed sleep.  Sometimes, we hear parents ask us if…

Through a lens

A 11 year old learner views the environment around The Integral School, Hyderabad, through a lens.