Organic Farming

Author: Aatmesh, Learner, Integral School, Hyderabad. A self directed exploration on organic farming. Introduction The art of farming has been around since 9000 B.C. It morphed the world and brought forth the era of cultivation and agriculture. Once discovered, farming began to spread. Soon enough, people were planting crops and raising animals all over the world….

Through a lens

A 11 year old learner views the environment around The Integral School, Hyderabad, through a lens.

Laterite (not lattes)

Author: Ten Para Science often reveals a rather uncanny knack to leap out from unexpected places at unexpected times.  Breaking the shackles that try to confine it to tomes of words, floating out of closed rooms and lab spaces, tubes, filters and maybe some illustrations.  A gentle reminder that you cannot escape the lovely interactions…

The Lost Conversations-2. Musical Stones of Stunland

Author: Ten Para   The stones of Stunland sing and dance to a tune that not many hear. Actually, that should read as “not many care to hear”. Let us face it, when was the last time we placed an ear to a stone and listened to it’s music? Sea shells, maybe, but the music…

Articles from the Group “Courage”

DIWALI-By Harshada Diwali is an important Indian festival. Diwali is the festival of lights. In my house, Diwali is our favourite festival. On Diwali morning, I wake up, take a headbath and wear new clothes. I take blessings from my grandfather. We eat chocolates and sweets and burst crackers. Then I eat a special breakfast….

The Human Muscle

This is an open access resource that maybe used in a classroom session to explore the human muscle.  As usual, just some pointers to start an exploration.  Read the resource here: Muscles

The Human Skin

This is an open access resource that may be used to further explore the human skin. This presentation leads from previous presentations on the leaf and photosynthesis; however, may be used as a standalone resource. Explore this resource at human skin  


This is an open access resource on photosynthesis that maybe used in classroom sessions. This presentation leads from an earlier session where we explored the leaf Photosynthesis is a process that plants use to convert light energy to chemical energy that be used to further carry out the activities of plants. In simple terms, the plants…