When a river whispers to the stones

When a river whispers to the stones Love and life as they move along Smoothing over the rough edges,always, Just to let go, over and over, Beginning where they end Ending where they begin In their own tune A jam by two learners of The Integral School, Hyderabad 

No walls between us

There are no walls between us Wading through colours and strokes Finding us and you Wherever we are, wherever you are. A collage by Learners at The Integral School, Hyderabad

The Lost Conversations-2. Musical Stones of Stunland

Author: Ten Para   The stones of Stunland sing and dance to a tune that not many hear. Actually, that should read as “not many care to hear”. Let us face it, when was the last time we placed an ear to a stone and listened to it’s music? Sea shells, maybe, but the music…