Food is art!

Wangdi, facilitator at the Integral School with young learners. Wangdi specialises in art that transcends boundaries. Photographs courtesy of Mayank, a learner at the Integral School.  


Author: Varshith Reddy.  Learner at The Integral School,  Hyderabad.    

How to Look at Painting: Icarus, Daedulus and Science

We are posting an excerpt from an interesting article published in the Fidelio Magazine, Spring-Summer of 2006. The link to the complete article is provided at the end of the excerpt. ‘Bruegel painted many things that cannot be painted. As Pliny said of Apelles: In all his works, there is always more thought than paint.’…

Meet Mr James

Dhruv, a 10 year old learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad will like you to meet Mr James, who travels happily through all the troubles life may throw. Persistent, quiet work done on a tablet that was trying to illustrate what trouble meant.

Through a lens

A 11 year old learner views the environment around The Integral School, Hyderabad, through a lens.