Art in Education: In the Now

Unplugged conversation with a learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad. As usual, conversations have a start point. They have no predestined roads, no predestined conclusions.  We stop, whenever.  He peeps through the open door,  takes a few steps away and then turns back. “You said we can talk,” he says. I nod. Within an Asian…


Artist: Keegan Rebello,  Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad

Spaces, empty and not so empty!

Art, by Aravind Bandreddi,  learner, budding tennis player, created on living through the blank walls of his “class/group” room.

No walls between us

There are no walls between us Wading through colours and strokes Finding us and you Wherever we are, wherever you are. A collage by Learners at The Integral School, Hyderabad

AITHRE -Journal from Pegasus

Aryan, Arshia and Ayaan announce the commencement of AITHRE – Door to Emotions, an illustrated journal of contemporary creative writing and musings.

The Silk Road-Part 4 of 4-Trade and Culture

This is the fourth part of the series based on the research done by learners at The Integral School, Hyderabad on the ancient Silk Road. The research team consisted of Aravind Bandreddi, Qutub Khan Vajihuddin, Aatmesh and Zoya Kadeer. This document was prepared by Aatmesh. My research areas : Trade  Culture – what is culture,…

Merchant of Venice-an artistic interpretation

An artistic interpretation by learners after a literary reading of the Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare.  The team was led by Sangeeta and Wangdi, English and Art facilitators, and consisted of Qutub, Keegan, and Zoya Kadeer.  

Even the doors are our canvas

The Sunshine group (learners aged 6 to 8 years) at the Integral School, Hyderabad react to a drab door. Where is the color, where is the color, you have door, mere pass color hai!   they sing as they tackle the door with help from Wangdi, the facilitator for things that speak art

Color is a friend

Author: Aravind Bandreddi, Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad  

Colors of Silence

Author: Arshia Kumar,  learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad reflecting on the Colors of Silence.