Hyderabad-an exploration

Author: Owais, Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad   Golconda Fort Golconda fort is one of the best monuments in India. Golconda fort is in Hyderabad.  The Kakatiya kings ruled Golconda from  13th to 14th century. Before Golconda, the name was actually Gollakonda, which means shepherd’s hill. Gollakonda is in Telugu language and there is…


Author: Harshada, Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad  All living things get information from the outside world.  This information is received through sense receptors. Humans have five sense receptors that include vision, smell, taste, touch,  and hearing. Let us look at the touch receptors.  Human bodies are covered with skin tissue. Our skin receptors send…

Spaces, empty and not so empty!

Art, by Aravind Bandreddi,  learner, budding tennis player, created on living through the blank walls of his “class/group” room.

The Poet as a Witness and Acmeism

I came across a parched,  yellowed out, cracked book the other day as I was sort of starting a spring cleaning process. Taped covers, a remnant of a cover image, peeled pages stuck together, and words that came crawling out of the dust, gasping for air. If you listened carefully, a faint cry and a…

No walls between us

There are no walls between us Wading through colours and strokes Finding us and you Wherever we are, wherever you are. A collage by Learners at The Integral School, Hyderabad

AITHRE -Journal from Pegasus

Aryan, Arshia and Ayaan announce the commencement of AITHRE – Door to Emotions, an illustrated journal of contemporary creative writing and musings.