Aravind – The Tennis Enthusiast

Aravind has been with our school for more than 3 years now. At school we all know of his passion for tennis. This is why the school had absolutely no hesitation in encouraging his interest and supporting it. To  follow one’s passion and to learn from the experience, to see possibilities for growth in every…


Author: Varshith Reddy.  Learner at The Integral School,  Hyderabad.    


Author: Arshia,  Learner at The Integral School. A partly independent project that explores rain. The content of this assignment is presented under the following subheaders Introduction Origin of the word Rain How does rain occur Effects of rain Different kinds of rain Prediction of rain Study of rain The smell that comes after rain Why…

A Lovers Lie-A Sonnet

Author: Upasana Golden leaves dance gracefully In gentle silver breeze The whispers in the trees Sing like sailors’ songs at sea Read the complete Poem

Articles from the Group “Courage”

DIWALI-By Harshada Diwali is an important Indian festival. Diwali is the festival of lights. In my house, Diwali is our favourite festival. On Diwali morning, I wake up, take a headbath and wear new clothes. I take blessings from my grandfather. We eat chocolates and sweets and burst crackers. Then I eat a special breakfast….

Poems-From the Group “Courage”

Authors: Learners from the Group Courage at The Integral School, Hyderabad   Acrostic Poems by Harshada (age-10) ANAGHA Apple is my favourite fruit Narayini is my cousin sister Afraid of snakes Green is my favourite colour Happy to do painting Am a good girl   CANDY Chewy is what I am Ants eat me Never…


Authors: Aatmesh and Qutub, Learners This is a collaborative project by two learners. As part of the project, each learner initially works independently to research on the person assigned and prepare a biography. The two learners subsequently analyze each others documents and then prepare a combined Biography. As part of the learning, they look at differences…