A Day in Integral School

(This post outlines the rhythm followed by learners in the age group of 6-8 years, as understood by a parent) Every day, chirpy young kids are welcomed by green and serene surroundings. An empty lane flanked by beautiful flowers and trees entice the young ones to explore their surroundings with new enthusiasm. On several days…

AITHRE -Journal from Pegasus

Aryan, Arshia and Ayaan announce the commencement of AITHRE – Door to Emotions, an illustrated journal of contemporary creative writing and musings.

Merchant of Venice-an artistic interpretation

An artistic interpretation by learners after a literary reading of the Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare.  The team was led by Sangeeta and Wangdi, English and Art facilitators, and consisted of Qutub, Keegan, and Zoya Kadeer.  

Empathy and a Football Coach

Author: Ayaan. Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad. This is a part of an assignment where the learner had to write a story based on a word. The word assigned to this learner was Empathy. The learner wanted to write a story based on the concept of empathy but without using the word empathy anywhere in the story….

The Four Stones

Author: Ayaan, 12 year old Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad.  As part of this assignment, the learner had to build a story or an essay around a word. The word assigned to this learner was “Floating”   I was floating on the Dead Sea with my friends. Aryan and I had gone deep and far and…