AITHRE -Journal from Pegasus

Aryan, Arshia and Ayaan announce the commencement of AITHRE – Door to Emotions, an illustrated journal of contemporary creative writing and musings.

Air and The Human Body-Interactions

This document is part of a series that explores various aspects of the human body. The document aims to start you on the path of exploration, if you have not already started, and will not provide complete information. Look to challenge and supplement information in this document as appropriate. In this document, let us look…

A Numbers Game

Author: Ten Para.    Then there was One, Who looked at the sun, And ate a hot bun, After a long run.   Then there was Two Who kept saying who, Before going to the loo, To take a poo.   Then there was Three, Who wanted things free, But could never agree, On a…

A Pause and Look

This is an open access resource that will be used between sets of lesson units. The resource is used to take a step back, reflect on the learning, revisit thoughts and start again. A circle in the loop or loop in the circle or just loopy.  Thinking Biology-9-Pause

The Human Muscle

This is an open access resource that maybe used in a classroom session to explore the human muscle.  As usual, just some pointers to start an exploration.  Read the resource here: Muscles

The Human Skin

This is an open access resource that may be used to further explore the human skin. This presentation leads from previous presentations on the leaf and photosynthesis; however, may be used as a standalone resource. Explore this resource at human skin  


This is an open access resource on photosynthesis that maybe used in classroom sessions. This presentation leads from an earlier session where we explored the leaf Photosynthesis is a process that plants use to convert light energy to chemical energy that be used to further carry out the activities of plants. In simple terms, the plants…

Exploring a Leaf

The leaf is one of the many wonders of nature. All around us, or maybe none to see. Many colors, many shapes. Shows the cycle of life. Sustains life internally and externally. A work of art. And science. How often have we seen a leaf but how often have we really seen a leaf? At…