No walls between us

There are no walls between us Wading through colours and strokes Finding us and you Wherever we are, wherever you are. A collage by Learners at The Integral School, Hyderabad

AITHRE -Journal from Pegasus

Aryan, Arshia and Ayaan announce the commencement of AITHRE – Door to Emotions, an illustrated journal of contemporary creative writing and musings.

Food is art!

Wangdi, facilitator at the Integral School with young learners. Wangdi specialises in art that transcends boundaries. Photographs courtesy of Mayank, a learner at the Integral School.  


From the  kindergarten of The integral School, Hyderabad.


Seasons Greetings to Everyone. Color and Fun at The Integral School. Take care of the three S while celebrating: Safe, ┬áSound free, Smoke free.      

Through a lens

A 11 year old learner views the environment around The Integral School, Hyderabad, through a lens.