Even the doors are our canvas

The Sunshine group (learners aged 6 to 8 years) at the Integral School, Hyderabad react to a drab door. Where is the color, where is the color, you have door, mere pass color hai!   they sing as they tackle the door with help from Wangdi, the facilitator for things that speak art

Color is a friend

Author: Aravind Bandreddi, Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad  

Colors of Silence

Author: Arshia Kumar,  learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad reflecting on the Colors of Silence.  

Food is art!

Wangdi, facilitator at the Integral School with young learners. Wangdi specialises in art that transcends boundaries. Photographs courtesy of Mayank, a learner at the Integral School.  

How to Look at Painting: Icarus, Daedulus and Science

We are posting an excerpt from an interesting article published in the Fidelio Magazine, Spring-Summer of 2006. The link to the complete article is provided at the end of the excerpt. ‘Bruegel painted many things that cannot be painted. As Pliny said of Apelles: In all his works, there is always more thought than paint.’…

Cuneiform Script

Author: Aatmesh, Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad. This is a self directed independent project exploring the Cuneiform Script within the context of language and its development. Cuneiform writing is thought to have been the first script in human history. It originated in the area of Mesopotamia and was used by many civilizations. The word cuneiform…


Seasons Greetings to Everyone. Color and Fun at The Integral School. Take care of the three S while celebrating: Safe,  Sound free, Smoke free.      

Meet Mr James

Dhruv, a 10 year old learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad will like you to meet Mr James, who travels happily through all the troubles life may throw. Persistent, quiet work done on a tablet that was trying to illustrate what trouble meant.