The Integral School


Founded in 2012, The Integral School brings fruition to a long cherished aspiration to have a school that is truly holistic and integral, based on the deepest principles of Indian spiritual wisdom and the most effective teaching practices of modern education. It is a progressive school that aims to enable an education in harmony with the needs and aspirations of a new age. Every pathway to learning at Integral is interdisciplinary and envisioned as nurturing the spirit of enquiry, exploration and research, discovery and self-realization, excellence and self-mastery.

Integral Education (IE) regards the child as a growing soul. Our teachers are called “facilitators” who commit to eliciting the best and the most powerful living impulses in every child, working with his or her intrinsic nature. An Integral Education helps children develop all facets of their personality and awaken their latent possibilities so that they acquire

  • a strong, supple, healthy, beautiful body
  • a sensitive, emotionally refined, energetic personality
  • a wide-ranging, lively intelligence and will
  • the subtler spiritual qualities that unify and harmonize the being

Hence, the focus and emphasis in Integral Education is not just information and skills acquisition but also self-development, triggered from within the child and supported and nourished by facilitators and families. Every experience becomes a learning tool for the child as she or he grows. In short, IE helps a child to integrate with his or her true self, surroundings, society, the world and humanity; in other words, to become the complete being, the integrated being that each one of us is meant to be.

Classes are based on age groups; they are better imagined as small “learning cohorts” all the way from what would conventionally be called “grade 1 through grade 12.” Cohort sizes vary from four to ten students, allowing for close peer-interaction and one-on-one learning with superbly-qualified facilitators.  Off-site learning through longer stays in other parts of India—for example, the rural foothills of the Himalayas—are part of the curriculum of every cohort, which seeks to integrate the curricular and the extra-curricular. The upper-level cohort has the option to take intensive courses (equivalent to honors levels) in math, science, social studies, and language arts with a more rigorous focus on research and self-learning. Evaluation and feedback are expressed in narrative-form throughout, made accessible (by choice) to students. There is no class ranking. Students are free to choose 12th grade exams conducted by the Cambridge EDEXCEL system or the National Open School, India.

The Integral School is located at Gachibowli, set amidst a quiet spot in nature in Hyderabad of Telangana. Gachibowli is part of the bustling metropolis of Hyderabad, one of the fast growing cities of India, as well as on its growing perimeter. The school is just off an arterial highway that is marked by the Financial district and major IT companies. Most of the school’s students come from the city although it welcomes and integrates children from its rural neighborhood. The school prides itself in being highly selective and affordable to a middle-class urban professional community, a rare combination in the high-priced school-boom of modern Hyderabad.