Musings on Partho’s book “Integral Education: A Foundation for the Future”

Chapter 1: “Towards the Future”

“To take up [the] call of evolution to consciously create conditions through which such a labour may be accomplished, to prepare the grounds for the next evolutionary movement of the human species, will then be the task of what we are calling a “consciousness education”, an education for the future. The evolution of the species from the human to the divine will have to be the core idea of such an education. And it is this idea that will have to be realized integrally, in the thoughts of the mind, in the emotions of heart and in the acts and movements of body, even down to the most ordinary moments, for Nature’s tremendous labour to be complete.”  [p.16]

Evolution is the natural impulse of life itself (as we know it on this planet) to grow and expand to higher and higher versions of itself.

The next evolutionary movement in the history of this world is perceived as the evolution of the species from the human to the divine.

What, then, does it mean to be human and what is the divine?

To be human is to be endowed with the gift of divinity and yet, not be fully conscious of it; to experience crippling limitations and act out of these when the potential for breathtaking limitlessness exists within; to roil in forgetfulness of one’s real self.

The divine is a state of being when the veil of ignorance regarding one’s true nature is dropped and the light of knowledge burns bright illuminating what each carries within – the perfection of the Cosmos – its scintillating beauty, its ineffable intricacy of design, its inexpressible expansiveness and wholeness.

The education of the future would involve moving in the direction of the divine. Since the divine resides within one, it means moving inwards towards one’s inner Self / true nature of Love, Well Being, Abundance and Creativity.

The education that we have today is geared mainly towards the external. Its primary objective is to enable the seeking of a fulfilling life externally on the material plane. Such an education does little to make the individual realize his actual inner capacities. The school education that is in place does not make children see that they are verily majestic beings who can throw their arms wide open to embrace in love but instead shows them up to be fearful, puny creatures trying to stretch their hands to grab and hold on to what they can.

To allow this true nature of our being fullness of expression in body, heart and mind is what the education of the future – consciousness education – should aim to accomplish.

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