Schooling, Education and the shaping of an identity

This is an unplugged conversation with a learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad. These series of conversations usually start with a word chosen by the “interviewer” and then move on from there in the directions the learner chooses. We end whenever and wherever. We start with the word “identity” for this conversation with an aim to explore how schooling and education has helped to shape the identity of this learner.

This learner is focused and on the way to college. On the outside, the learner is focused with a keen sense of purpose, you can see that every movement has a purpose. If you look closer,and only if you look closer, you can see a keen mind constantly evaluating the “why” behind the actions and battling through the doubts. 

Contrary to the previous conversations, I am sharing the raw clips of the conversations. I could not capture the essence or the flavour in the transcription and with the permission of the learner, share these audio clips with you (there are two audio clips). The clip starts abruptly as I forgot to press the record button (missed a few words)!

We started with ” How has schooling ion helped to shape your identity as a person?”

Part 1

Part 2

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