About a lift

Author: Owais. Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad. This is a semi independent directed project on a lift. The aim of the project was to have the learners explore a scientific line of inquiry.

The material was explored under the following sections

  • What is a lift
  • What is it used for
  • How does it work
  • Materials needed
    • 2 pulleys
    • 2 qv motors
    • Adapter
    • Card board
    • Counter weight
    • 2 switches
    • Thread

The lift needs electricity to work. It cannot work without electricity or with little bit of power. It needs lots of power to work.

In our lift, we are going to have 2 pulleys. We ae going to have 2 motors, 2 switches, 2 adapters and counter weight.

We have to open he dor, then we have to press the button for 1 floor, then we will open the dorr when we reach that floor. When we press the button the motor will start rotating. This will make the pulley also rotate. The lift starts moving. When the lift goes down, the counter weight goes up. The counter weight supports the motor.


We took 2 motors and we attached it to 2 pulleys. Then we took a 6 volt battery and e connected the motors to the battery. Then we took two switches and made a circuit. After that we took  wooden plank a d we kept all the things on the plank. We took some thread and a car. We weighed the counter weight and the car. We attached the circuit and the plank with brown tape. We switched on the switch, then the lift started coming up. Then we pressed the other switch,  then it went down. When the lift comes up, the weight goes down. When the lift goes down own,  the weight comes up.

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