The Four Stones

Author: Ayaan, 12 year old Learner at The Integral School, Hyderabad.  As part of this assignment, the learner had to build a story or an essay around a word. The word assigned to this learner was “Floating”


I was floating on the Dead Sea with my friends. Aryan and I had gone deep and far and the rest of my friends were near the shore. Suddenly, a whirlpool started and took us in. I woke up to find myself lying next to Aryan in a house. Aryan woke up by the time I figured out where we were. The first line he said was “Are we in heaven”. I laughed and told him that the view out of the window suggested that we were still floating. I climbed up and went to the window for a closer look. I was right. I could see my other friends at a distance. We shouted for help but it was of no use. We sat down and started crying.

A sound came from behind us. Aryan and I thought it was a ghost but we soon realised that it was an old woman. She threw some candy at us. We were very hungry and gulped down the candy without a second thought. I started feeling very dizzy and slept off. I woke up with a start and saw someone sleeptalking next to me. I had no idea where we were but had a vague sense that someone had given us something to eat. I did not even know how we were here and how I even grew up! My memory was gone!

An old woman entered. She looked a little nervous. I had a strange feeling that I had seen her somewhere.Maybe she was related to all of this. “My name is Anna and I need your help to save the World”, she said. I asked her “What do you mean by save the world”? She told that I was appointed to do something that would change history and could also destroy history. That is when the guy next to me woke up. He was also shocked to find himself there and did not remember anything. He said “What have you done to me? Who am I?”

The old woman laughed. She told us that the only way we can get our memory back was by saving their planet. Suddenly, the house or really, the palace stopped. When I looked out, I was shocked to see that we were in space and earth was just a tiny dot very far away. I shouted that I wanted to go home and know who I am. But then, I need my memory back for that. So, I decided to save their planet. The other guy also agreed because he also wanted his memory back. I asked the old woman “What do we have to do?”

She started by telling us a story. There were four main groups of people on the planet. One was the rulers of the east, one was the rulers of the west, the other north and the last south. The rulers of the north, called Root, got very greedy and attacked the east. He killed their king and told their soldiers to either work for him or be killed. His army became bigger. Just after that, he attacked the west. However, a magician put a spell on him and his army to sleep forever. After 200 years, when the great, great, great, great grandson was ruling the entire planet, there was one magician who did not like the rulers. When he heard about the sleeping army, he tried to wake them up. But he could not. So he gathered all people who hated being good and made his army. He was able to break the spell after finding another magician who also wanted the same. The deadly army started waking up. If these forces join hands, they will be unstoppable.  So, you have three days to stop them from joining hands. Otherwise, the planet will be destroyed.

After the story, I asked “How are we supposed to stop them? How will we get our memory back?” She said that the magician who had put the spell was very old now and could not stop them this time. But he knew that the two of you can stop them. So, to get you here, he took your memory.  If you help us, he will return your memory.

I asked “But how do we do that”. She told us that it was simple, we just had to stop the spell of the magicians.  She gave us four stones, and said to use them wisely. She also told us to watch our step, these magicians have puzzles everywhere so no one can reach them. She told good bye  and vanished suddenly. Actually, everything vanished.

We were now in a garden and had no clue where we were. I saw 2 dots on one tree.  Then I saw 1 dash on another tree. After seeing 10 trees with symbols, I saw an entrance which had a password.  I figured out that it was relating to those trees. Suddenly, my partner told “Rocky caves”.  I asked him “what did that mean”.  He told that Rocky caves was written on the trees. It is some kind of language. I do not remember its name but I just know it.  I typed rocky caves and it opened.

I was wrong about an entrance because this had a map inside it, nothing else. I saw rocky caves at the other side of the map. I realised that we were at the red wood forest which was on the other end of the rocky caves. The route was curvy and I knew there was going to be many traps and puzzles!

We had covered almost a quarter of the distance when we found our first trap. It was quicksand. My partner was leading and went in. I saw a chain at a distance and ran as fast as I could  and threw it to him. I pulled hard and with a sudden shock my partner came flying onto me. I was crushed but still managed to get up and walk.

The second trap was not far away. It was the singing trap. There were one meter long thorns at the bottom of a hole and one microphone.  I went front and started singing. I don’t know how but I was singing good. Suddenly a bridge started forming and completed forming very fast. We were so happy that me and my partner jumped around and hugged each other. Suddenly, a voice comes that the bridge will fall down in 10, 9, 8…….Me and my partner started running very fast as our legs could take us. The bridge started falling and we jumped just enough to reach the other side.

We laid there for 10 minutes catching our breath. After walking for 15 more minutes, it had become very dark so we decided to camp there. We woke up late because we were tired. That is when I realised that we had only two days before the planet got destroyed. We started walking fast because we had to cover more than half the distance.

Our next trap was dangerous. It was a hole trap. Again, my partner was leading and fell into it. This trap had fire inside. However, he was going inside slowly and i got an idea just as his pants caught fire. I took out the stones of which one was blue in color and pressed the button on it. The next moment I had a bucket of water which I quickly threw inside. I pulled him out after the fire was off. When we were walking, I was reading the map. That is when I realised that the place we were going was the rocky cave which looked huge and on the corner there was a small place called rocky caves. So all this while we were going in the wrong direction. Thank God we realised a little before otherwise we would have gone dome where else.

We started jogging because we were really getting late.  This time we found a trap after a long time. This time we found a trap after a long time. This one was a different trap, it was the cold trap. We started feeling cold so we stopped. It got colder and colder,  we were almost frozen, and so I took out the other stone which was red in color. I pressed the button and a fire popped out. We slept there and I don’t know why but we woke up at noon.

We now had only 8 hours to save the planet. I took out the third stone which had a symbol of wind. I pressed the button and we were flying now. It took us 7 hours and 55 minutes to reach the main cave where we saw the magicians praying and could see an army rising. We had no powers except one rock. Just as I took put my rock, the magicians threw a stone and my rock went flying. My partner tried to attack but they were too strong so they hit him very hard. I had one minute to do something and ran towards the rock but they stooped me. That is when I realised I had something in my pocket. I took it out and saw that it was some kind of candy. I flicked the cap open and something went flying and hit the rock. As soon as it hit the rock, a thunderbolt was in my hand. The magicians were on their last line when I struck them with the thunderbolt.  They became powder. PHEW. “That was close!”, I exclaimed. That is when I saw the magician and the old woman and I got my memory back. I screamed with joy.

“My name is Ayaan and I am from India. I went to the dead Sea for a trip with my friends and then this happened”. The magician told that he was very thankful to all of us and that it was time to go.

Everything vanished and we were floating again on the dead Sea.  The cool part was that times had not changed. We were not supposed to tell anyone what had happened. So I wrote my adventure as a story so people would think it was fake but only me and Aryan know what exactly happened. 😊😀



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Neha says:

    Amazing creativity….. I almost lived the story…. Well done Ayaan!!!

  2. Zeba says:

    That’s lovely! A dream quality to it. Keep writing Ayaan.

  3. Sreenivas P says:

    Keep going Ayaan……..!

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