A Rain Song


Author: Ten Para.

Pitter patter,  Pitter patter,

Down flows the water,

Thinner than the batter,

That is full of butter,

To make yummy starters,

Gets you full and fatter,

Ah, the smell makes me stutter!

Chillies can’t make it sweeter,

Sugar can’t make it bitter,

Kadumpuli can’t make it hotter,

Just a set of calorie counters,

That get you full and fatter!

Walter, don’t go helter-skelter,

Walter, don’t you hurry and falter,

Walter, don’t forget your halter,

Walter, we will keep your platter!

Ah, where is that waiter?

Oh, writing poems with no meter,

Hopefully some satire,

Smarter than his attire,

I hope you did not tire,

This song is so dire!

Pitter patter, Pitter patter.

Up flows the water.







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