A Numbers Game

Author: Ten Para. 


Then there was One,

Who looked at the sun,

And ate a hot bun,

After a long run.

Then there was Two

Who kept saying who,

Before going to the loo,

To take a poo.

Then there was Three,

Who wanted things free,

But could never agree,

On a shopping spree.

Then there was Four,

Who did his chores,

And ran out the door,

Letting out a roar.

Then there was Five,

Always for a hive,

That made him alive,

Before a long drive.

Then there was Six,

Want a quick fix?

End with a mix,

Of things to nix.

Then there was Seven,

Who goes to heaven,

When he sees the leaven,

For breads eleven.

Then there was Eight,

Walking through the gate,

Tying her plait,

What a lovely gait!

Then there was Nine,

Who was always fine,

To climb a vine,

After a nice dine.

Then there was Ten,

Watching a hen,

Holding a pen,

Sitting in Zen.


Author: Ten Para

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