The Song of the Lizard

Author: Ten Para. A parent, child, adult (?), learner at Integral School, Hyderabad. Jack of a few trades, Jill of none.

All for a Ball,

That I can Call,

To bring me a Doll,

That looks like an Elf.


Oh, how they try to Fall!

The Gall of them, the Gall,

As they run in the Hall,

Even as they feel Ill.


Oh, they fall just like Jill,

All but one wearing a Kilt,

And when there is a Lull,

All of them seem to Mull.


Mull about things Null,

And mull about Owls,

That seem to be in a Pall,

All the while holding a Quill.


Ah, why do you Roll, Roll?

All about, oh so Silly?

And what about my Tail?

That sees you to Uncoil?


Uh, why do you wear a Veil?

Which you pull over like Wool?

Or, the paint mixed with Xylol?


Ah, how I love to Yodel,

With everlasting Zeal!


Author: Ten Para


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