Poems-From the Group “Courage”

Authors: Learners from the Group Courage at The Integral School, Hyderabad


Acrostic Poems by Harshada (age-10)


Apple is my favourite fruit

Narayini is my cousin sister

Afraid of snakes

Green is my favourite colour

Happy to do painting

Am a good girl



Chewy is what I am

Ants eat me

Never bitter

Dairy milk is a part of me

Yummy is why kids like me


I am Harshada

I am 10 years old

I am 5 and a  ½ years old

I drive to school in a car

My tongue is blue in colour

I live in india

I have a sister

All my teeth fell off

I am a good girl

I am Harshada

Acrostic Poem by Arshia (age-10)




Orange flavoured


Oh wow! It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten

Little but amazing

And the best

Too yummy

Endless taste


I am poem

I am Arshia

I am 10 years old

I have a robot as a pet

My mom has two heads

I have a dog

I hate candy

I live in lanco hills

My favourite fruit is mango

My hair is pink

I am Arshia



Acrostic poem by Reyhan (7 years old)


Rocking on the road

Every time playing football

Y elling master

Hankers for food at home

Angry sometimes

Novice in typing


I am poem

I am Reyhan ellore

I am faster than Ussain bolt

My father is a film maker

My age is 29

I am a bookworm

I am very fast typing

I like the movie : spider wick chronicle

I am the greatest man in the world

Sithara is my teacher

I am Reyhan ellore



Acrostic poem by Owais (10 years old)


Running fast

A gainst the teams

Not slow

Very good in basketball

Impossible to beat

Rough in playing


I am poem

I am Owais Ali

I am 10 years old

I like hindi class a lot

I hate math

I have 4 sisters

I like biriyani a lot

I love dark chocolate

I love hopscotch

I am Owais Ali


Acrostic poems by Zoya (12 years old)


Soft and sweet

Has a younger brother Rohan

Abhimanyu’s best friend

New York city is her favourite

A shopping lover

Young fashion icon

And a dog lover



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