Articles from the Group “Courage”

DIWALI-By Harshada

Diwali is an important Indian festival. Diwali is the festival of lights. In my house, Diwali is our favourite festival.

On Diwali morning, I wake up, take a headbath and wear new clothes. I take blessings from my grandfather.

We eat chocolates and sweets and burst crackers. Then I eat a special breakfast. Diwali is a fun day.



Ramadan is one of the things that muslims follow. Ramadan is in the 9th month of the muslim calendar. During Ramadan, the muslims fast. They do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset.

In my house, my parents and my grandmother fast. The month of fasting is also a month of feasting in my house. We make fruit chaat, dahi vada, haleem and faluda. Food is the favourite thing of mine in Ramadan.



Reading books are my favourite pastime. I was taught reading by my father. Reading is my passion.

I started reading at a very young age. I read very fast. I like the author Enid Blyton. I am a bookworm. I once read a book which had 300 pages. I am a good reader and I love reading.



It was time to go to Talla Ramgarh. First I went to the airport by car. I reached the airport and met all my classmates. After that, we went inside to the baggage counters. We took our boarding passes and boarded the flight from Hyderabad to Delhi.

A few hours later we arrived at Delhi. Then the groups got into the cars and left for Delhi train station. There, there was yummy chocolate ice-cream and dinner for us. After that, Group 1, which was the group I was in played memory game. Then we slept and reached Kathgodam train station the next morning.

After a 3 hour journey from there, we reached the Talla ashram. We spent 5 days there with treks, food and fun. Then finally, we left the ashram and returned home.


I feel that books are better than movies because……

Books give you General knowledge. They help you visualize more. Books are creative and show the effort of the author.

Most of the books are so great that they have been turned into movies. I think you can feel more when you read a written work than watching it in a movie. I am no author but I stand for books.

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