The Neem Tree

Author: Owais, Learner, Age 10 years

This is a project that the learner did on campus, walking around, enjoying the trees and learning about them.

There are many neem trees in our campus. There are two big trees near the front gate and many small trees.

Leaves: The neem tree has imli like leaves. The leaves are dark green and turns yellow. It has small leaves.


Fruit: It is small and green and becomes yellow when ripe. It has a strong smell.


Flower: The flower is white. They have a strong smell.


Bark: The bark is thick and tough. It is dark brown in color.

Seasons: The neem is an evergreen tree. The fruits appear from May to September. The flowers appear from February to March.

My poem on neem  tree

Under the neem tree we sit,

It is shady under it,

It is sunny in Hyderabad,

But it is breezy under the neem tree.