The Kanak Champa Tree

Author: Owais, Learner, Age 10 years

This is a continuation of a previous project where Mr. Owais described the neem trees on campus

Kanak Champa 

We have 12 Kanak Champa trees in our campus. They are near the volley ball court.

Leaves: They have dark green leaves. The leaves have a greyish thing on their back.


Flower: The flower has long white petals. Each flower lasts for only one day.


Fruit: The fruit is brown in color and it is hard. It has a wing on its seed. It has a delicate seed. It has a long fruit.


Bark: It has a rough bark and it has lots of cracks on the bark.The bark is greyish brown.

Seasons: The blooming season is March to May. The fruits grow around the year.